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Hi my name is Mylav. I am here to enjoy the feelings of sexy desired of my body and mind... I like to talk about my experience in sex and I will be happy to hear yours too! Since my divorced. I been playing myself in bedroom and imagining all my fantasy in bed alone. I found out its more enjoyable with someone to talk to while I am busy playing and so do you! isn't it great to have someone in the other end doing the same naughty things and we could cum together? I am into dressing up, and fancy a bit of adventure outside or up the hill... can be indoors ... kitchen... lounge... or even in conservatory! Don't forget to check and read my blog every time you feeling horny! I will be putting some video and audio blog for you to hear in case I am not online.I am genuinely here for pleasure fun and a bit of money so don't forget to buy some of my products too! soiled knickers... with my cum will be delivered with a sealed kisses from me... interested? join the fun with me tonight and I'm sure we will both enjoy the night! *** please register with the site before you call Mylav. Using your debit/credit card will not costs you more, and you will be saving time as you will be directed straight to Mylav. The quicker you get to her, the sooner both of you can play. Tips are appreciated and always welcomed with a smile XXX

I will update more soon... watch me... I like being watch lol

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Feeling Horny tonight.... - 2013-10-08 00:45:52
Im alone at home and in front of my laptop. My bf is at work and I cannot disturb him so guys, come on! lets play together in my sexy imagination... How I wish you'll call me tonight babe... I will let you hear the sound of my always a wetty wetty pussy hmmmm.... wish it is your fingers playing my pussy lips... I know you luv playing with it... you even want to open it it wide and I feel soooo horny while looking at you staring at my pussey.... when you wet your lips with your tongue I wanted to push my pussey nearer to that naughty tongue... can't wait until I reach your body and let my small sexy hands caress your body... I will definitely start with your balls ... hmmmmm you having a hard on... I know... I'm so wetttttt tooooo.... cum and lick me ....!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx am so feeling horny tonight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My First time - 2013-09-23 00:30:25
this is my first time in sexy phone sex industry and I am liking it a lot like you do! tonight I am naughtily playing myself while thinking of you... how I wish you are here by my side... caressing my sexy body... while I am whispering some naughty thoughts in your ear... cum and join me tonight sweetheart... I can't wait until you cum xxx
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