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Morgan Layne

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Cum and Man Handle Me, I want your Cock XXX

Hi! My name is Morgan. I love to have to be man handled and kissed,licked all in the right spots. I want to taste your cock in my tight little mouth. I want to taste it all. I love to have a cock in all my holes, and love to do a little gang bang. Let me be your dirty little talker slut who don't ever stop squirting. I am a sex maniac and love to do it all. Nothing is never new to me. I can't wait to chat with you and make you release all that tension. Let us both explore our bodies together. I am ready for you right nowMorganXXX

I have always had a special quote that I have always said that I would love to share with you"ALWAYS HERE AND ALWAYS READY"

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*MY DB11 IS MY SEPTEMBER FAN!! - 2011-09-23 02:43:17
My Fan of the Month is DB11!! Great calls and Tips from the best caller ever!! Loves to cum all over big Double D Breast! Told my Fan I will be posting a blog and he was very excited, it really turns me on and makes me wet when I call out big breasted women for him to cum on while he has their pictures right there in front of him while he wanks his big hard massive cock. Great caller with a great attitude! Love it when he whispers and wants me to call out the big breated womens names... Cathy Richards - perky B cups, hot body Susie Waits -busty babe, big D cup tits Laura Gillions - double Ds, huge tits Emma Eedee - blond with big tits Hannah Williams - massive chested Lizzy Cole -double G cup monster jugs Becca Hankin -short skirts, big boobs Alex Bromlee - massive jugs Love calling out those names for him!! I talk to him each week and has been the best of the Month!! Thank you Sweetie!! This is for you BABE! I enjoy every call! October is Coming and will be picking a FAN each Month, So who will be MY FAN OF OCTOBER and be posted in my monthly blog???? STAY TUNED!! Hugs&Kisses!! XXXMorganXXX
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Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 10/10

Hot and dirty as ever! Thanks Morgan.
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 9/10

Hot call, roleplay went very well, made me shoot hard
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 9/10

Great horny call, Morgan made me unload lots!
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 10/10

Amazing call - Morgan made me so hard and made me shoot one of my messiest loads!
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 10/10

Awesome! Morgan made me splurge a huge load as usual!
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 9/10

Sexy babe made me unload lots of sticky spunk! such a filthy chat!
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 10/10

Did exactly as I wanted and made me splurge a huge load. Thanks baby!
Comment by 'D15c'. Rated: 10/10

Sheeeitt! This woman did things to my cock you wouldn't believe.