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You will be FORCED to listen to me touch myself a

lets get straight to the point, i am 34 yr old nyphomaniac who loves to suck cock and eat pussy, omg i so love the taste of pussy juice, phone me and let me blow you away, i love to be dirty, i get wet talking to everyone, my juices flow just thinking of all you horny guys and girls listening to me playing with myself, here me cum so widly as i fuck myself senseless with all my fingers and toys.if you just wanna chat then im here to listen to you, i wanna listen to YOU playing i want you to imagine fucking and sucking this beautiful body, making me climax like never before.If you were here, without a word said I'd be in your arms, pressing my body hungrily against yours. Our lips would meet, searching, tasting, devouring. We'd make our way, barely separating, to the nearest available surface and lay down. As we pressed closer and closer I would feel your cock hardening, pressing into me, I'll have to have your cock in my mouth. I push you back, flat on your back, and take you into my mouth. Your hardness fills me, while I run my lips and tongue over the soft skin surrounding your hardness. You begin to moan softly. Eventually I'll taste your golden pre-cum at the tip of your cock and I lap it all up.As I suck your cock your fingers find my clit. Waves of pleasure wash over me and the wetness between my legs increases. I'm so turned on I desperately need you inside me. And yet, I'm torn. I'm loving it right where I am. Eventually, the need to be fucked, hard and fast, wins out. I beg you to fuck me, and you come in inside me from behind, riding me hard and fast until we both have explosive orgasms and collapse, completely satisfied and exhausted.Fuck me! Fuck me hard with that big cock! Or, Shoot that cum all over my lips! Or: Let me suck that tasty cock! Lick that cunt! Lick up my cum! Taste what you do to me! Yeah lick that slit!

Im scrunching myself down now under your sack you feel me lick under your balls, you like that don't you, yeh i hear you moan as my tongue reaches deeper and strokes further outward on each trip.Im now licking all the way up your shaft slowly right to your swollen red purple tip. While im doing this you can see my hand is buried deep between my legs, my fingers fucking my pussy at the same time, you like that baby, don't you My tongue circles your cock, feeling the round ridge. Do you like that, do you want some more mmmm you taste so good.

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Comment by 'unibond'. Rated: 10/10

mmm thank you
Comment by 'unibond'. Rated: 10/10

very sexy
Comment by 'unibond'. Rated: 10/10

mmm very nice
Comment by 'sketch28'. Rated: 2/10

didnt get into the convo..just kept describing weird things..