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Sexy Mature Dirty Woman x

I'm Mitzee a mature sexy woman, 5ft 6, Dark hair, hazel green eyes. I'm a size 12 with a 36E bust, with big nipples which I can suck. I love pleasing and like to be pleased. What makes me wet!!! Well of course it has to be Cock.I love dodgy and being banged from behind. Sucking cock has to be a favourite; I love it when a man explodes in my mouth.I get so wet my cunt juices run down my arse. Anal mmmmmmm Love it. Why? Because it gives me multiply orgasms.Guys Please it makes a big difference to me financially if you can ring me after registering with the site and using your credit/debit card. It costs you no extra. I earn 58p a minute instead of 17p or 24p. I would really appreciate it if you could do that. If your unable to register no worries I would still love to talk to you.Also I do free text chat but would appriciate a small tip if you want to get down and dirty. My text chat can be just as good. Just send me a message if you would like this service. Thank you all Mitzee x

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Comment by 'dorset'. Rated: 10/10

Wow!!! Awesome Not Come So Hard In A Long Time
Comment by 'Jon1'. Rated: 10/10

thank you Mistress - so much cock!
Comment by 'likeitalways1'. Rated: 10/10

Her voice seemed extra specially sexy today, worked wonders x
Comment by 'likeitalways1'. Rated: 10/10

any hour, so stimulating, mmmmn such an addictive lady x
Comment by 'likeitalways1'. Rated: 10/10

Waking up with this lady is so erotic, cumming together so sensual mmmmn irresistable x
Comment by 'likeitalways1'. Rated: 10/10

oh yes, this lady just gets better with time, like a fine wine, so classy x
Comment by 'Jon1'. Rated: 10/10

Mistress used me just as I wanted to be - thank-you Mistress your slut & fuck-toy jon
Comment by 'likeitalways1'. Rated: 10/10

Arousing sexy foreplay in chat, but loved her voice as I exploded mmmmmn
Comment by 'Tel'. Rated: 9/10

Comment by 'McNulty'. Rated: 10/10

New fone-me girl Mitzee's fucking awesome voice and pics and chat room teasing pulled me in and a minute later I was wanking with her. Mitzee told me she wanted to suck my cock and I listened to her wet cunt slurping on her fav toy, Sweet! butt crack and push my big bare cock deep up her tight ass. Sweet!
Comment by 'Doc121'. Rated: 10/10

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