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Feed from my weapons of mass lactation ! X

Hi, I am Pippa, I am a firm believer that breast is best, so if you want to be an adult baby, if you want some booby from a milk maiden or just some loving, then I am the right girl for you, dont be shy give me a call today. I am a genuine breastfeeder, my milk is the real deal, sweet and creamy, pure mummy gold top to satisfy your thirst. PS - Dont forget to register and use your card, its better value for all! Thanks & I look forward to chatting xxx

If you are too shy to call send me a mail and a generous tip and I will send you a personal message and tell you about some of my fantasies.... mmmm. Alternatively, why not see if I have uploaded an audio blog for you to enjoy? (current audio blogs include Milky Tit Wank and another detailing a naughty adult/adult breastfeeding scenario). Drop me message if you like the look of me and I am offline/on a call - we can arrange a time to chat x

Why not download some of my photos to enjoy in private....? All my pics on this site are 100% me... what you see is what you get x

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A typical day with Pippa (non sexual) - 2011-08-22 21:59:15
Its lovely being a baby isnt it?, Not a care in the world, no stresses, no worries. In this audio I will talk you through a typical nurturing, caring day with Pippa. From waking to bed, being looked after and cared for, nappy changes and bath time and lots and lots of booby !!!
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For lovers of breastfeeding... X - 2011-08-15 18:39:06
Here is an audio for those breastfeeding lovers out there. Perhaps you are too shy to call, or perhaps you just want to lay back, listen and enjoy. Have a listen to me talking about a naughty sexy breastfeeding scenario and quench your thirst. X (this audio is the same as the one (of the same title) recorded in June, that seems to have vanished from my page)
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Naughty Milky Tit Wank... - 2011-08-15 18:35:11
I love my nipples being sucked. The thought of being full of milk and feeding someone is sooo hot. I have 32f breasts and love to perform naughty tit wanks. I love a man fucking my boobs, mmmmm, my milk running over his cock before he cums all over me, so naughty, but nice!
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My perfect mummy, kind and loving and just a little bit naughty