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Time for You to be dominated.........

Call Me "Madame Maxine". I'm demanding, like My expectations to be met, experienced & genuine. Im a busty curvy woman with a voluptuous body thats just waiting to be worshipped. I am very happy to accept tributes & tokens of admiration, by way of a Tip. Whilst I will always reply to all emails, those special admirers who tip will get replies much quicker & much more detailed, obviously. So come on now You very submissive guys out there, who will joyfully do whatever I want You to. Call Me if You want Me to really use and abuse you for My pleasure & fulfilment. To arrange a date and time to serve Me & My whims, send Me a message and We'll arrange something.Be prepared to receive verbal humiliation, teasing, spanking, water sports, face-sitting & rimming. I demand total obedience. Call Me now if you wish to experience submission and giving up control to a very powerful dominant woman. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone & call Me right now!

Bend over & show Me those buttocks now! I will dominate You if its the last thing I do! Now stand still whilst I whip Your buttocks with My bamboo cane. Ah, the sound of a whack on a Subs skin...excellent! xxx

Dont think Your begging will stop Me! Get that dinner on & make Me some tea. Then come & kneel down in front of Me so I may have a footrest for My tired feet. Now lick My feet & massage them. Thats better x

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