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Lotta Hore

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Stroking myself wild waiting for you to cum x

Hello, I have long blonde hair and very sexy blue eyes. I want to make you want for me. The thought of you wanting me is such a turn on. It makes me want to play with myself and make my pussy very wet for you.I love dressing in very sexy lingerie as well.Silky panties, suspenders or hold up so you can feel that soft silky material as well as a warm thigh to touch, then a nice wet juicy pussy to finger and lick and taste with your mouth whilst I will be licking and flicking that juicy bellend or even putting it in my mouth keeping it wet and very slippery with my tongue. I would then use my hands around your shaft making sure my hands are wet and slippery with plenty of saliva and will start wanking you with my mouth and hands. The more excited you get the harder I would wank you and see if you come over my big tits and my belly and also put some on my fingers so I can taste you. We could have a lot of hot sexy fun together. Ring me to chat, me wanking you and then I would sit on top pushing you in as far as you can go and start fucking you very slowly. I'm waiting for your call today.

A huge request from me and all the girls on here is that you register with the site and pay by debit/credit card because Fone-Me give the girls a much better rate when you pay this way. You gain as the call is a little cheaper for you and you can be directed straight to the young lady of your choice and you can talk for longer!!Remember, we all have to buy new items to keep you gentlemen entertained and this helps us all. We also love you to tip us when we do something extraordinary for you xxxx

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