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Layla Jo

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Layla Jo here ready and waiting

Hello boys and girls who enjoy time spent with a gentle, comforting sensual lady ......Well here I am Layla-Jo ........... perhaps your needing a little session sat upon the naughty step! with a sharp spank for misbehaviour! Or maybe you would just simply love a cuddle and would like me to cradle you in my huge, fake breasts and nurture you, would you like that? .......However it is not a cuddle you will receive if i have caught you in my panty drawer again!!!! I am firm but gentle and very easy to talk to, some come and share some naughtiness with me. I'm into pretty much everything you can think of! I love to play with both men and women and love doing it outside in the country. I swing regularly and have been dogging a couple of times recently. I love waterworks and dressing up too. I would love you to shoot your hot, thick spunk all over my tits and face.Vibrators are nice but they are not the same as a rock hard cock. Wouldn't you just love to fuck my cunt and arse? Come on guys I am waiting for your rock hard cock to fuck me!Wouldn't you just love me to sit on your face while I've got your rock hard cock deep in my mouth and throat? Then you could fuck me up the arse really deep. What are you waiting for? Call me.

If you like role play as much as i do why not send me an email telling me how you would like our call to go, perhaps you are looking for some fun with your Auntie, step-mum, neighbour? or someone else you fantasise about. I am very open minded and will go along with most things, i'm not easily shocked or bothered by suggestions from naughty boys and girls such as yourselves so please don't hold back in telling me what 'really gets you off'..... if your fetish seems a little taboo, kinky, devient.... excellant !!! lets delve a little deeper and have some fun! Maybe .... your just a Boob lover and wanna come and play with my huge tits; a nice slippery tit wank? a little smothering as i jiggle my tits in your face and tease your mouth with my erect nipples? mmmmmm sexy huh! ...

***Sissy boys*** very welcome; Boys in pretty clothes excite me, call and describe what you are wearing, let me 'pretty' you up a little bit more! or giggle and humiliate you which ever flicks your switch! ******* Adult babies ****** ( i have a real soft spot for you ) and would love to assist in 'all' your requirments. Just a little mention re: ***PANTIES***..... they smell so sweet huh, erotically scented and so arousing, interesting in mine? send an email for details ;)

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