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Filthy Dirty Ho

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Quickie Phone Fuck ~ Bust A Nut with a Filthy Girl

I am a filthy kinky girl who knows no limits! You think you're nasty? I'm the mucky little tart you need to drain your balls in a quickie...

Is the wife or girlfriend away? Are you in a compromising position at your job? In a parked car and short on time with a big stiff cock ready to explode in your jerking wanking hand?

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I Gag For Dad - 2015-05-12 01:45:53
GAG GAME Girl who Sucks & Role Plays Cum Drinking Slut Bucket Whore for Daddy Secret Sauce OBSESSION CALL or #SEXT 24/7 for hot gagging and sucking - always available by TEXT EMAIL, PHONE & Confess ANYTHING you want ~~~~ get your a flirty girl, who's always ready & longing to speak to Guys & Gals of any race. ~~~~ ANY TOPIC IS WELCOME - NOTHING IS TABOO.~~~ Ask me for advice & I'll be 100% honest, a genuine intelligent lady !! ~~~~ YOUR SECRET IS SAFE WITH ME ~~~~~ I promise to be a good girl, a good listener & will advise as a friend ~~~~~ You CANT CONTROL perverted or filthy... dirty or nasty... taboo or forbidden... kinky or sexual FETISHES & DESIRES ~~~~~~ If we must discuss these things, we can ROLEPLAY to get you off... ~~~~~~ off my phone.... ~~~~~ I will do whatever is necessary ~~~~~~~ Horoscope?? TIP ME IF YOU ENJOY CONNECTING WITH ME
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Naughty Bitch in Little Private School Outfit - 2014-12-08 00:32:44
Who would've ever imagined that I would've turned out to be such a naughty bitch who loves phone sex? I attended private schools and wore short little skirts with a snug un buttoned white blouse every day. I always crossed then opened my curvy, stocking-clad legs in the front row of class just so my teachers would notice me. I always got an "A" for effort, and by that I mean: I always got somebody's finger or fist pressed stuck deep in my sweet round ass and tiny wet pink pussy. My female teacher was Mrs. Dell. Her erect nipples and wet pussy always glistened as she trained me to eat it a good lunchtime meal. I loved eating my teachers ass at recess. Mr. Johnson was one of my favorite male instructors. His rock hard stiff cock aimed at me from under his desk as he jerked under the table, watching me as he stroked it. I loved private school. I talk about my little outfits when I have phone sex and how I learned how to be a good naughty bitch. Follow me for more...
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Throbbing Cock in My Tiny Black Twat - 2014-11-16 23:01:57
I love when you guys call me from the WEB while you're in your office or at home. The quick nut you desire sends me in a tailspin - meaning: I quickly do exactly as I'm told because time is of the essence. No time for getting to know the pleasantries of MY NAME or HOW THE DAY IS GOING... You and I already know: Your throbbing cock is in your hand and my finger is stuck, penetrating the inside the tight sugary walls of my tiny twat.... I'm almost ready to cum.... CALL ME NOW QUICKLY so I can hear your bust open the tasty walls of my little black pussy!
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Comment by 'ReeceA'. Rated: 10/10

Pure filth
Comment by 'Shagswell'. Rated: 10/10

Mega sexy voice which talks utter filth. Will be back soon xxxxxxxxxxxx
Comment by 'timmyc'. Rated: 10/10