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Dianna BD

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Wife of a Cuckold Husband

Greetings visitor, I am Mrs Dianna Backdoors from middle england. I am a stay at home housewife married to a fool of a man for over 15 years. The idiot married me knowing that my desire for cock was way more than what he could provide so as a result he has to trudge off each morning to his well paid job, knowing that his money will pay for me to lounge around the marital home nude, toying each of my holes, arranging multiple appointments with young men for fucking in Mr Backdoors bed, and of course my favourite masturbating my horny twat whilst speaking to you, my darling fone-me boys. My three favourite things in life are caviar, cigars and cock (the three magic C's)Please remember money will keep me in a position to be a stay at home wife and purchase all the paraphanaelia required to satisfy my sexual needs so could I kindly ask callers to use their credit or debit card, as the price is not any higher but will provide Mrs Backdoors with a higher return.Mwah

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