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Delicious Dawn

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Hi Honey, Where do you want to cum??

Hi there I'm Delicious Dawn I'm so bored of rubbish jobs and decided to do something with my best assets and become stay at home single sex worker. No nasty interruptions with me I am home alone and gagging for YOU to call me.I'd just love to get your cock hard and hear you wanking, you decide where you want to shoot your cum... over my juicy nipples, into my wet pussy, or deep into my tight arse... I am always being told how horny my mouth is and have lovely lips to suck your cock with. I hope you like my photo's, i had lots of fun shooting them, look very close and you can see how dirty I am and how much i was thinking of being fucked good and hard.Hey, I'm new to this site so check me out, my aim is to please you and please myself too. I'm fun, dirty and waiting to be your personal sex toy. However, if all you want is a friendly chat or sex tips to use on your partner then I'm happy to oblige. Im waiting NOW for YOU to call me... I'm getting horny even writing this.... hurry and phone me.Delicious Dawn xxxxxxxx

I have just had to get my toy box out and sort myself out so now I'm wet, hot and ready!! xxx

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Wicked Wednesday - 2011-07-27 23:19:50
I was out shopping today and a guy walked past me who i thought was hot... well im not about to go up to him & tell him, but i thought about riding his cock and him taking me from behind... these naughty thoughts of mine happen daily and most days i have sticky wet knickers, sometimes i have to pop into a public toilet and get myself off, to release the throbbing pressure of my clit... I am truly gagging for cock most days and would like you guys to get me wet... im throbbing just thinking about it... what a wicked girl i am xxx
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CHEAP & DIRTY - 2011-07-18 22:37:52
Well guys, I have been thinking i need to attract more horny like minded people to call me, i am gagging for some fun & fone frolics. As i am new to this site you guys dont know me yet!!! so i am going to give you "ME" for 60p... (a min)... for one week only... dont want to annoy the other girls but I am giving it to you "CHEAP &B DIRTY" so come on give me call, i want to be your new favorite horny bitch... my aim is to please & not to tease...Mwah xxxxx
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Hot & Sticky Monday - 2011-07-11 17:27:00
Hi all you naughty peepers out there... well today has been very hot & sticky, ive spent most the day hanging around in my bikini... i know i am new to this site & was hoping for a lot more dirty chat than i am getting... whats up with you all, dnt be shy... I have enjoyed several dirty free chat messages & private messages... you all seem to like getting me wet ... then leave me without a goodbye, tip or anything.... well i guess i am going to have to be firmer with you all..... but for a little treat i am posting a new picture for you to feast on mmmmm xxxxx
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Comment by 'Valhalla'. Rated: 10/10

A naughty girl..Wih
Comment by 'hornyone'. Rated: 10/10

Amazing girl with a hidden secret x