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I Love to Squirt all over you

Petite and very sweet mature exotic lady who loves nothing more than you fucking me in all different positions legs open wide while you are using my all my holes while I keep screaming for more, then ill getting on my knees down in front of you and taking your cock into my mouth and suck it hard until you fill my mouth with your warm load.

Being told to stand against the wall then wearing a small little skirt just barely covering my ass and having my panties pulled down exposing my nude bottom then getting fingered nice and slowly and told to raise my tight pert ass in the air and once that big slap goes across my ass Mmm that's when I start to get wet and I can feel my pussy getting wetter until it drips down the inside of my thigh.I love being spanked and treated like a whore and told to do and will do whatever you want me to.

I love lingerie it's one of my kinks being dressed to please high heels and stockings is so sexy and makes me so horny being fucked like this is such a turn on . also Anal sex ,and having sex out doors and threesomes , being fucked doggy style sucking cock and swallowing a full load of cum

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Me Steve And The swingers Club - 2014-06-06 14:23:51
I have a friend or shall I say a fuck buddy named Steve. well Steve tends to call me up on a Saturday once a month you see he's a long distance lorry driver so he's at work in the week but the weekend is when I got a call from him it was a Saturday of course and I had just finished visiting relatives and was waiting to catch my bus back home and then my phone rang it was Steve ,(hi I said) you want to come out for a meal he asked me ( yes ) I told him I was just waiting for my bus and told him to pick me up just after 9 pm from my house which would give me time to get ready .my bus came and I jumped on it and was soon was back home so straight up stair I went and undressed and went into the shower after finishing in the shower it was time to finding some thing sexy to wear underwear was the first thing I needed to find so I found a sheer white panties a short tight peach dress was my choice for the night teamed with a pair of patent leather black high sky scraper heels. once my make up and hair was done I was ready. not long after my phone made a ding text sound and it was Steve he said he was outside in he's car, I told him Ill be right out soon, then I went bounding down the stairs and out of the door and made my way to he's car and opened he's door and sat right next to him hello I said how are you (I am fine thanks he said) we carried on chatting while making our way to the restaurant. we got out of the car and went in the restaurant sat down and looked and the menu and ordered our food , I asked Steve was he still meeting up with ladies and fucking them then leaving them he laughed which meant he was. Steve is such a naughty horny man who loves sex lots of it . our meal came out which was very tasty we drank some wine also soon the time past by and we had finished our meal time to leave we made our way back to Steve's car , then said Steve said the night is still young I know of a place where I can take you Oh and where is that I said, he said there is a club it's a swingers club I giggled OK lets go then, Steve proceeded to tell me when he was married he and he's wife were swingers and that is one of the clubs they used. the drive was a long one but we eventually got to the area where the club was. around the corner from the club was a hotel and Steve asked me if I would like to stay the night a the hotel because by this time it was not early and we were going to the club and it would even be more late the time we got out of there so yes was my reply we got the hotel sorted out. now it was time to walk around the corner it was down a little ally way we got to the desk and Steve paid the fee to get in the club . it was dark with a little bit of light here and there. he showed me around we went upstairs first there were little individual rooms with large thick black foam mats on the floors there I seen couple fucking each other in foursomes that was so horny , then we went though another big room where there we lots of people watching porn on a large screen we sat down and chatted while watch the porn I could feel my panties getting a little wet and was getting a little horny, time to go down stairs Steve said and we made our way to the bar Steve ordered 2 bottles of champagne which I love and that's why he had ordered them he poured me a glass of the champagne we sat down and chatted getting though the drink fast, the music was playing loud and then a tune came on that I loved you see they had a dance floor with 2 poles on them time to dance I though and got up and made my way to the the middle of the dance floor Steve got up and watched from the outside, I crapped the pole with one hand then moved my body to the rhythm up and down and each time I stretched up my dress went up to show a little bit of my white panties.people came around the sides and watched me seeing my dress ride up showing must have been one of the reason why they came to watch . I made my way to Steve still dancing and came near him he whispered that it was turning him on watching me I am so horny I said to him , lets leave he said, Mmm yes lets do that and we did and made our way right back to the hotel. once in the hotel room he picked me up and laid me on the bed and opened my legs up wide and ran he's tongue up and down the sides of my panties oh my pussy started to tingle and throb ,he then pulled my panties to the side and continued to lick but made sure my clit was fully serviced as well by this time my pussy was dripping wet I just wanted to get that large cock of he's into my mouth so we moved around until I could reach he's hard member and pushed it deep into my mouth while he was still hard at it licking my twat out it was not that long until I was craving to feel that cock inside my pussy and told him to fuck me I got on all fours with my ass in the air and he came behind me and thrust he's hard cock inside me (give it to me hard baby )I said to him which he did and with every bang I could feel he's balls bouncing against my ass ,more more I said to him and that's what I got our sounds of pleasure got louder and louder until I was the first to cum then right after Steve cummed hard Oh that felt so good I said he while I was still bend over on all four with he's dick still inside my pussy he then pulled he's cock out of me and he's cum came running down my thighs we both laid back on the bed and Steve said are you ready for round 2 lets do it all again and of course my answer was yes .
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