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Blonde Emma

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Single, blonde and horny!

Hi I'm Emma as you can see my from my pictures I am tall and slim with long blonde hair. I am also newly single and constantly horny!I've not been online for a while but now "I'm back... and I want you to know- I can really shake my thing!" ;) x

My favourite position is Doggy Style, I just love to be fucked hard from behind. I am a massive fan of Oral, I love teasing and slurping on a big hard cock or creamy sweet pussy, and face sitting- feeling a tongue flicking deep into my pussy and riding until I explode. Mmmmm, I'm wet at the thought!

Do you want hear how I would ride your huge cock or how I would finger your sweet pussy? Or lose your breath at each and every detail of how I would tie you to the bed and lick and suck you dry? Do you want me to spank your pathetic little arse like you deserve? I fucking love role play! Call me now and share your fantasy with me... I guarantee I will dipping my fingers in my hot, tight, juicy pussy and will make you come hard.

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I've missed you guys... - 2010-06-06 00:20:31
Hi guys, Some of you may have noticed that I've not been on here for a while, I've been in Australia topping up my tan and making sure I have no white bits! I had TONS of fun but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't miss my naughty chats. I cant wait to hear from you all again very soon and talk dirty... my pussy is dripping at the thought! So go on, pick up the phone- I'm waiting *lips lips in anticipation* xxx
My Pictures - 2009-06-30 01:11:08
Wow, I think I'm settling in okay around here arent I? Thank you all for making me feel so welcome! I've had a few lovely men message me and say they like my pictures- so I thought I'd let you all in on my little plan... once my feedback reaches 1000 I am going to put up some more risque ones! I hope your all well, call me up for a chat- I'd love to hear from you! :) xx
New Here - 2009-06-15 12:13:14
Hey Cheeky, Thanks for looking at my page and my blog, I'm new around here- is anyone going to 'break me in' ?? x x x
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Amazing, Emma is awesome
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Thank you, Emma. Lovely x
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