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Amy here, come and have some naughty fun with me x

Hi guys, it's Amy here, I'm 24 years old, long dark hair and big brown eyes. I've got 34DD titties and a smooth shaven fanny. Love to have some fun you xxxPlease feel free to tip me for sexy text chat xxx

I am slim but curvy, fun and bubbly, I love to chat on the phone. I find phone sex a massive turn on. Currently studying for my English degree so find myself home alone quite often.... Bored and horny hehe. I am broadminded and very open sexually. I look forward to chatting xxxx

Slim and busty, confident and bubbly. Always up for some fun xxxx

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Humiliation - 2016-07-12 17:09:18
I've recently been enjoying humiliating men, I especially love small cock humiliation. I love to explore the potential of making my men wear cock cages and venturing down the route of the cuckold. After all if you've got a teeny weeny, it needs to be caged and you should be made to look on and watch a real man do the job you're not capable of doing haha Amy is a size queen....don't forget it fellas. If you've got a nice big length for me to play with, FANTASTIC. If it's a teeny weeny, I'm going treat you like my little willy WANKER and give you the humiliation you so rightly deserve. Come and show me what ya got ;) x x x
Saturday Night - 2014-03-31 13:19:19
Well guys, this little slut went out on Saturday night and had all the fun a single girl should be having. If you wanna know more..... Just ask Amy x x x
Hey guys - 2014-03-21 11:21:05
Well here goes... I'm very newly single and really looking forward to having fun with my new found status. I can also spend more time on here having sexy fun on the phone which I love to do. I'll keep this blog updated with my encounters hehe. The most recent was last Saturday, a guy much older than myself Well he is 39 and we hooked up last Saturday evening, it was supposed to be just a meal and a drink out, however it resulted in me going back to his place and having a mindblowing night, let me know if you wanna hear more about it, I'll go into every dirty detail Amy x x x
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Comment by 'unibond'. Rated: 10/10

A very sexy girl indeed!
Comment by 'db11'. Rated: 10/10

Very sexy girl, got me very horny.