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Yes, totally! Unlike other services we do not claim to be live and then play you pre-recorded chat or 'stories'. You are paying for a live one to one chat with a sexy babe of your choice and that is exactly what you get! Genuine amateur babes in their own homes. If you want to become a babe click here.
It's very simple! When you have chosen your babe, the system checks your account, checks how much the service that you have chosen costs per minute, and the babe will call you. The call is automatically terminated when your account is empty.
If your chosen babe is busy, the fone-me now button will change to "fone-me later I am taking a call". Simply wait until she has finished the call, (the button will change back to "fone-me now") give her a minute to recover, and then you can chat !
The charge for a call is determined by the price per minute rate advertised on the babes profile. Each babe will set her own price, she decides how much to charge, what will appear on her profile, and when she want to be available to callers.
If a babe offers other services on their page, such as sound files, picture sets, video download, or webcam minutes, then the price for these products will be clearly displayed next to the product.
Call costs to mobiles are much higher than to landlines because of the high charges that the mobile networks levy. If you enter a UK mobile number into the system, then the advertised prices that you see will rise by 12 pence per minute to reflect that extra cost. So a babe who normally charges 50 pence per minute for a call to a landline, will now change to 62 pence per minute. We recommend that whenever possible you use a landline. The extra price that you pay for using a mobile will not go to your chosen babe, nor will it go to
Everything you can buy on is charged to your credit card. There are no premium rate calls on your telephone bills. The minimum amount you can charge is ?2. You can add funds at anytime, as soon as you have created your account ( Create an account ).
Anything you buy on this site is sold using a system of credits. 1 credit = $1.31 (USD)

Therefore if you see a babe who charges 1 credit per minute to chat, you know that it will cost you $1.31 (USD) per minute to chat with her. If you choose to buy a picture for 0.77 credits, that picture will cost you $0.77 (USD).

If you want to make a purchase from this site you must first register. To register click here.

You can then add credits to your account. This can be done by Visa or Mastercard using our secure payment processor. Your credit card details are not retained by us. Our trusted processor is verified for their security by Visa. These transactions will appear on your bill as Omega Telecom. To add credits to your account click here.
You can cancel this agreement by sending an internal message from your member account to our Admin team, or by e-mail to
If there is a question here that you think should be added, please contact us and let us know. Please read this page thoroughly first. Please click here if you want to contact the team.
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