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Candy Cox's phone sex blog - Afternoon delight with the Gas man - 2014-10-08 14:42:13

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Let me tell you about my afternoon yesterday when the gasman came to fix my boiler....that wasnt all he all started when i offered him a cup of tea ..he thought it was an ivitation for more...and he was I filled up the kettle he came up behind me said "let me give you a hand with that" he ran his hands over my hips and down my thighs and lifted up skirt i stood frozen as his fingers pushed my panties aside and he fingered my already moist pussy he turned me round and kissed me hard it left me breathless...he led me to my bedroom and pushed me onto my bed and flipped me over doggy style...this will thrill the nerve endings in just the right way he said as he spat on my arse hole and fingered my pussy... using my sweet juice to lubricate my arsehole he entered me, the feeling of being stretched and full adds to all the other things that are going on  the sensation of his dick pushing against the inside of me, the sound of him breathing heavily, telling me Im so good for taking it. The gentle slaps on my arse, rough hands gripping my hips to pull me further back onto him. All of these build, one wave on top of another, eventually pushing me over the edge of arousal and into that rushing, twitching, gagging choke of orgasm.
my favourite trick is the one that brings me there most quickly... crouched on my knees, with my face pushed hard into the bedsheets, his dick dripping with lube and deep inside me, and my hands working busily to push something hard into my cunt. A rabbit vibrator, it had exactly what I was after length and girth to fill me up, and the added bonus of a vigorous buzz directly against my aching clit. I hold it there, right up to the hilt, a still and solid anchor to clench down on, while he fucks up hard against it until he cums...and we both collaspe breathless....

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