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Shy Shawna's phone sex blog - Shawna obeys...... - 2012-12-12 13:48:03

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"Spread your legs, Shawna," he whispered softly against my ear, my legs opened wider as instructed

"You've been such a good girl, he continued "but that was just the beginning."

He straddled my head and shoved his ready cock into my mouth. his knees pressed against my head holding me in place as he thrust in and out of my mouth, using it as a fuckhole. I was helpless beneath him, trying to breathe through my nose while he plugged my mouth with his cock, I wretched and tears came to my eyes, this I fear only fueled his cock further to the back of my throat

He pulled sharply out of my mouth, I next felt his hot breath on my nipple, biting it, lightly at first and then harder. I moaned as his teeth bit into the sensitive flesh, leaving teeth marks against my skin. he moved his mouth to my other nipple and used his large hand to continue torturing my soft flesh, pinching and pulling it out from my body. I squirmed against you, the pain in my nipples causing my little clit to throb.....

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