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KINKY KARA's phone sex blog - Fun In The Sun!!! - 2012-05-29 18:33:01

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Yesterday afternoon I decided to sunbathe in My garden. As I laid down on My sunlounger, I decided to remove My bikini top to get rid of some white lines I'd aquired. I lay down in the heat & felt the delicious warm envelop My body. My nipples were tingling from the exposure to the sun. I reached for them & gave them a gentle caress, they felt soft, silky & delicate. As I fingered My nipples, I felt them harden with excitement. A deep throbbing began in My groin, which slowly moved to My pussy, making it groan with its own special heat. I decided that as Im not really overlooked by anybody & My neighbours are usually at work, I may as well remove My knickers. I chucked them on the ground & reached down to My pussy lips. They were so wet & hot I almost screamed out loud. I bit My lip in ecstasy as I started to move My fingers rhythmically up & down My pussy lips. It felt so sensitive. As My fingers neared My clit I felt the first stirrings of an orgasm, tenderly rippling under the surface of My desire. I began to move My fingers faster, plucking & flicking at My clit until I couldnt take any more. I came with a rush, soaking My fingers & the sunlounger beneath Me. The last shudders of My orgasm subsided & I looked up at the sky. Something caught My eye to the right of Me, I looked & there was My next door neighbour at His bathroom window, wanking as if His life depended on it! My first reaction was to jump up & run but as I looked again, I saw Him smiling. I put My fingers back onto My clit & came again with a massive shudder, all the while looking straight into His eyes. I saw Him falter & watched His face in the ecstasy of His own ejaculation. Then, He smiled & walked away. Well, I went up to My bathroom & switched on the shower, got in, soaped Myself all over whilst thinking about My naughty little afternoon! I havent seen Him again yet, but I wonder how We will be when We see eachother next??? Excitng!!! xxx
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