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naughtynaughty's phone sex blog - Sweet Pussy Surprise - 2010-09-13 11:39:23

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Well it is the beginning of September. The weather is finally beginning to cool of here in the Southern California desert, but oooooooh so very many things remain hot! I recently introduced a stripper friend to an old and good friend of mine a couple of months ago. Having fucked around with her a couple of times I knew that he had exactly what she likes, a big, long, and thick cock to stuff up all of her holes. The other morning they stopped by after a night of debauched fucking which followed a month long absence from one another. She was sitting on my sofa telling me how she didn't even know what happened the night before. She was just all horny with nothing to do and the next thing she knew Will was calling her telling her that I had given him her number. (Which I did.,) Anyway she was going on about their evening in detail, while her guy was chatting up my guy in the bedroom.

So I moved from my desk over to the sofa while she was telling me the story. She was leaning forward and I could see straight down her shirt. I grinned at her and said, I see some nice titty there!

She looked down her shirt, and hastily tried to pull it up, but I have faster hands. I put my hand down her shirt to cup her left breast in my hand and pinch her nipple between my fingers. Well her mouth shut with a snap and that was the end of her story. I started kissing her and I ran my hand up between her thighs. Her panties were very hot and very wet.

I slipped a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy and started sucking on the nipple I had captured. She started squirming against my hand, panting, and making noises. I kissed her to quiet the noise while my fingers continued to work in her hot wet little pussy. Then I slipped another finger into her asshole. I was sucking and nibbling her nipples, pulling my fingers out of her cunt to lick them with her and taste her sweet juices.

All of the sudden it didn't matter that the guys were in the next room I just had to lick her cunt! So I layed her back on my sofa, with my fingers still working her pussy and her asshole, and I started to tease her clit. Licking and sucking on it and making her beg. Then she told me to put another finger into her ass. I was finger fucking her cunt and her ass with two fingers each and licking her hot cunt when I noticed that her guy and my guy were standing in the doorway watching us.

Will grinned at me and said, Don't stop on my account, get that horny little slut off!

So I dove in face first, sucking and licking her cunt, teasing the rim of her sweet little asshole with my tongue After a while Will just couldn't resist and he came over and shoved his cock down her throat. Then I took out one of my big dildos and one of my slim vibrators and shoved the big dong in her hot pink pussy, and the vibrator up her asshole. She screamed and squirted right then and there! Then Will really started fucking her face, while I shoved that vibrator deep in her ass, and fucked her pussy hard with my dildo. I sucked her clit hard and she came over and over again.

Will stroked a big nut off all over her face and down her throat while she squirted for me one last time. Then they adjusted their clothes and with one last kiss, she left. My boyfriend just stood there and watched the whole thing. What a nice way to start a Thursday morning!
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