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Bethany's phone sex blog - A hot day last summer... - 2009-03-26 18:34:10

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This is one of the most erotic things that has ever happened to me so I thought Id share it with all of you, it had been a really hot day and it was well past midnight but I couldn't sleep. I figured since I had opted out of going in the jacuzzi earlier it should still be fairly hot so maybe if I took a nice relaxing soak I'd be able to get to sleep after a while.

I folded back the cover, reached in with my hand. Ahhh yes. . . still hot. After turning the music and the jets on low, I removed my towel and climbed in. The water feels so good on my naked body. I can't hold back the sigh that slips through my lips. Ummm feels so good.

After a few minutes I start to run my hands over my legs, my stomach, my neck, then gradually onto my large breasts, I massage them in the warm swirling water. I'm starting to get myself all worked up. I reach down with one hand and start to finger my clit, with gentle circles. I can feel my orgasm beginning to build. With a quickened pace I begin to finger fuck myself. I cum fast and hard.

As my body relaxes I settle back in the water, thats when I hear the foot steps. I sit up and look around. "Whose there?" I call out in a loud whisper.

"Hi" a very sultry voice whispers back "I am your new next door neighbor." From out of the shadows a dark lean figure slowly emerges. Its a tall dark haired woman, wearing only a towel around her body. "I'm having a hard time falling asleep and I figured maybe you were too. She tells me as she comes closer to the jacuzzi...

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