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Ass Fuck Ashlee's phone sex blog - My Punishments - 2009-01-19 12:17:38

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In need of some hot action i play with my toys untill my master comes home and punishes me for my own self indulgence. He takes me to the dungeon and handcuffs me facing the wall and spanks my ass as i plead for him to forgive me. Taking his new fucking machine he ties into it and turns it on slowly so that the hard cock is teasing my wet and eager to please pussy. Master readjusts to plunge deep into me to make me cum hard and fast as he watches. I cum over and over again beggin and pleading with him to let me please him and give him pleasure. Again he denies me that privilage.

After he is satisfied that i have been fucked enough he unties me and i fall to his feet begging for forgiveness again and with a few simple words he says "that is the price for your selfishness self indulgence" then he makes me suck on his cock and balls, he pushes his cock into my throat untill i gag on his member. Begging for his cum he shows his forgiveness by filling my eager mouth with his hot creamy load.
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