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New girl needs an education

Who will be my first caller and take my phone sex virginity??

My name is Tabetha... You can call me Tabby. I'm a 19 year old social work student and new to this. In fact this is my first day... So you could call me a phone sex virgin :) I'm generally a sweet person, inexperienced and submissive. I have an open mind and look forward to getting the chance to be naughty for a change! I love to please and can't wait to do anything you want of me. the only thing i cant offer is domination...I am very submissive... Finally A VERY BIG PLEASE. It makes a tremendous difference to me financially if you can ring me after registering with the site and using your credit/debit card. It will save you money too as wont have to listen to some of the normal introduction information AND you also get the odd special offer from the site. It also won't show up on your phone bill this way. I will earn 58p a minute instead of 17p or 24p. That is a BIG help for me.I would really appreciate it if you could do that. If not, never mind, I would still love to hear from you. :)

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