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Jupiter Always

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Always ready to be your plaything x

Hello Gentlemen, Im ready to be your plaything.My sexy warm, wet lips are your to do with as you please.Listening to your fantasies will be my pleasure.You can tell me your dirtiest filthiest secrets and i will beg you to let me make you cum.I will be your doll.Tease me, squeeze me, spank me or force me, you are in control.If you like what you are reading then give me a call and i hope i can satisfy your every need.Xx Jupiter xxxxHey Fella's IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED USER ON THE SITE PLEASE USE YOUR CARD TO CALL AS IT ALLOWS YOU TO LEAVE FEEDBACK COMMENTS AND WE GET A LITTLE BIT MORE FOR THE CALL. GUESTS, YOU SHOULD REALLY REGISTER FOR FREE CAUSE THEN YOU CAN USE FREE CHAT AND BE ABLE TO EMAIL ME AS WELL AND LEAVE COMMENTS WHEN YOU CALL ME X

Cum hungry playtoy and I want to suck your balls dry

Sexy shy brunette, waiting to be allowed to play with you, and fulill your fantasysXX XX

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Tell me what you want to see me suck on... - 2013-06-15 14:18:08
Hey Guys, As you know I love a good blow job, but I want to know what else you want to see me wrap my wet lips on. What do you want to see me suck off? Message me and I will add pictures for you naughty guys. Mmmmm cant wait Jupi xxx
Warm wet pussy - 2013-06-15 13:49:17
So I really need some hot cock because my wet pussy is throbbing. I just took a delicious call and its still not enough. I need to be slammed full of some big hard dick......come on, make me cum. Fill me up. Looking forward to my next call.
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Like a virgin... - 2013-06-04 19:15:13
So im new and im really loving talking to you sexy handsome fella's. Getting myself off to you cumming is like pure pleasure. Be sure to check back soon, delicious pussy shots for my sexy guys... Kisses, Jupi xxx
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Comment by 'McNulty'. Rated: 10/10

Jupi, in the heat already stripped down to her nicks was well ahead of me when I rang. A naturally submissive but wildly passionate, horny and greedy Goddess of Love who really gets herself off here. I told Jupi to bend over and peel off her panties, reach around and pull herself open for me...Jeez, I wanted to fuck her brutal...
Comment by 'McNulty'. Rated: 10/10

Wow, again! I love this dirty, cock sucking slut bitch! )) She's such a fucking sub whore who wants to be told what to do and likes it hardcore. She will tell you to fuck her in her mouth, in her cunt and fuck her ass and Jup will swallow you spunk! And if you want you can hear her perfect wet cunt slurping on her fingers as she wanks off with you too. Sweet!
Comment by 'McNulty'. Rated: 10/10

New girl! Shy and inexperienced you think? Nothing like it! In her chat room she teased my stiffening cock out from my jeans and soon I had to call. She told me she wanted to suck my cock and I listened to her fingers slipping in and out of her greedy wet cunt. Natural, hot and real!!